Black Boar Ranch offers a variety of hunts and activities for our
guests to enjoy.

We particularly cater to corporate group events for your archery and muzzle-loader enthusiasts, which the hunters can bring or we will provide. We also have small caliber rifles for junior hunters. Whether you prefer to stalk a boar or have a leisurely afternoon fishing on Lake Okeechobee, all of the activities and excursions below can be coordinated through the staff at Black Boar Ranch. If you are an individual or smaller group wanting to book a one-day visit, we offer quail hunts (in-season) half and full day options.

Group Hunts

This is not “put and take” hunting. All animals at Black Boar Ranch are free range — they were born on the range and mature there. The primary focus of our hunts is on primitive weapons, specifically muzzle-loader and bow and arrow. Black Boar Ranch hunts are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Talk to one of our staff members to begin planning the hunt you’ve always dreamed of experiencing. No other hunting license other than a turkey hunting license is required.  Exotic game and boar hunts are limited to corporate or group events with a (min. of 6 – persons party / 3 – night reservation)*.  

*Pricing includes meals, drinks, boar/hog trophy presentation, and muzzle-loaders or crossbows, if needed. Every evening, hors d’oeuvres and drinks are served around the fire pit.


Here at Black Boar Ranch, you will get to experience an outdoor safari nestled in southern Florida. Enjoy the scenic landscape we have to offer, and take part in a wide range of amazing activities. You can enjoy wildlife, quail, and gator hunts, top-notch fishing tours, as well as live the photographer’s dream with the large variety of exotic and endangered species roaming our lands. We also offer sporting activities like archery golf and skeet shooting, or you can kick-back and take a safari tour on one of our airboat rides. There’s plenty of fun for every kind of outdoorsman at Black Boar Ranch.

Quail Hunts

You and your friends will be our exclusive guests during your stay. Our expert guides look forward to taking you on a challenging, fast-paced hunt. Their superbly trained dogs are ready to point, flush and retrieve. Your group of up to eight quail hunters will have that unforgettable thrill of witnessing the covey rise in true Black Boar style. Then cap off your day with relaxing fellowship and cocktails around the fire pit.

Quail hunting packages are available when in season for groups and/or individuals limited to half-day and full day options. 

Unique Big Game Hunts

Tier 1 African and North American game hunting in Central Florida.

Wild Boar

Boar Hunts

Our boar hunts can be tailored for one to seven days, based upon your needs. The daily fee includes a boar. This activity has a very high percentile of success.

Alligator Hunts

Alligators are hunted under private land owner tags so they can be harvested with rifles any time of the day. Generally, two days is sufficient for alligator hunting.
Quail Hunting

Quail Hunts

We hunt quail on a private shooting preserve south of the property. Quail is hunted with a shotgun and can be done between morning and evening hunts.

Wild Turkey Hunts

We hunt wild turkeys on private land.

Wild Turkey Hunts


Fishing can be done on our pond at the ranch.  Or we can book trips which are led by professional guides on Lake Okeechobee.

Air Boat Rides

Like our fishing trips, airboat rides are given by professional guides on Lake Okeechobee.
Airboat Rides
Native Wildlife Tours

Native Wildlife Tours

Endangered species are present at Black Boar Ranch and may be encountered on your wildlife tour.

Photography Safaris

For those who prefer to shoot a camera instead of a gun, special areas are set aside at Black Boar Ranch just for photography purposes.

Photography Safaris
Archery Golf

Archery Golf

We have a 6 “hole” course where we provide each participant with a recurve bow and arrows. Each “hole” has its own par as you shoot at each target around the course.

Target & Skeet Shooting

Sharpen your skills before you head into the field at our target and skeet shooting range.
Target & Skeet Shooting
Corporate and Group Retreats

Corporate & Group Retreats

Host your next meeting at our site! We offer many retreat packages, including meeting and meals, as well as these options: Hunting Camp Games, Archery Golf/Hatchet Throwing, Quail/Gator Hunts, Wild Game Hunts, Fishing, Photogrphy Safari, and Cruises.

Tier 1 African Game Hunting Lodge in Central Florida

Trophy Gallery

African and North American Species at the Black Boar Ranch

Species Identification Guide​